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Fatty Liver Treatment

About Fatty Liver Treatment

  Dr. Rachit Agrawal is providing Fatty liver treatment in Nagpur. The largest gland in the body is the liver. Its main job is to process the food and liquids we consume and remove any hazardous components. If fat is present in the liver, a particular level, it is normal. However, extra fat may begin to build up in the liver as a result of numerous circumstances.

The liver is considered fatty if it contains more fat than 5% of its total weight. There won’t be any symptoms at first. However, it has little impact on how effectively the liver functions.

The liver cells can regenerate thanks to several internal body processes. But persistent scarring in the form of cirrhosis can result from recurrent injury. Now we see what is Fatty liver and the treatment for the same. Now we see what is fatty liver and its treatment.

Fatty Liver Treatment in Nagpur

Fatty liver treatment is also known as hepatic steatosis. It happens when fat starts building up in the liver. Having small amounts of fat in your liver is normal, but too much can become a health problem.

Usually individuals do not show any symptoms till the disease is quite advanced. Most commonly, it is detected on a routine Ultrasound.

It is a simple test (similar to an ultrasound) which tells about liver fibrosis and helps in determining the severity of Fatty Liver

In fatty liver disease, extra fat is deposited in the cells of the liver and builds up there. This fat accumulation may be brought on by a number of circumstances. Alcohol abuse can result in AFLD.

Heavy alcohol use can change some of the liver’s metabolic functions. Some of these metabolic byproducts have the potential to interact with fatty acids to create certain forms of fat that can build up in the liver.

The cause of fatty liver disease in those who don’t consume a lot of alcohol is poorly understood. It’s likely that these people’s bodies either manufacture too much fat or don’t digest it well enough. People who don’t drink much alcohol but do have fatty liver disease may be affected by one or more of the following factors:

  • Obesity
  • Resistance to insulin in type 2 diabetes
  • Elevated blood triglyceride levels are a sign of the metabolic syndrome.
  • Among the additional possible causes of fatty liver.

There are currently no approved drugs to treat fatty liver disease. To create and test drugs to treat this illness, more study is required. Changes in lifestyle can frequently assist in reversing the majority of stages of fatty liver disease. For instance, your doctor might suggest that you:

  • Limit or abstain from alcohol
  • Take action to reduce weight
  • Alter your diet and stay away from liver-harming drugs and supplements

We will advise you to fully abstain from alcohol if you have AFLD.

If you have an alcohol use disorder, they might also suggest therapy and a detoxification program (AUD). The liver can also become injured by some viral illnesses. Your doctor could suggest getting the hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines to preserve the health of your liver.

In accordance with your circumstances, they might also advise routine hepatitis C screenings. Additionally, cirrhosis can result in a number of problems, such as: An increased risk of infections and liver cancer results from portal hypertension, Which is excessively high blood pressure in the liver’s portal vein. In the event that you’ve experienced cirrhosis-related issues your Liver failure may also result from cirrhosis. You may require a liver transplant if you experience liver failure.

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