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Ascitic Fluid Tapping

Dr. Rachit Agrawal Gastroenterologist in Nagpur, Provides all types of Stomuch pain Treatment in Nagpur, where an ascitic tap is a medical procedure where a needle is used to drain fluid that is trapped in an internal body cavity, most commonly the abdomen (belly). Fluid may have to be drained from the abdomen for different reasons, such as if the fluid is stretching the abdomen and causing pain; if the fluid is infected; or if a doctor needs to analyse the fluid in a laboratory for the presence of any disease.

Other names for an ascitic tap are ‘abdominocentesis’, ‘paracentesis of the abdomen’ or ‘ascitic drain’.
Before you have an abdominal tap, your doctor will take your medical history and give you a physical exam. They may also order other laboratory tests. The abdominal tap can be done in the doctor’s office, a treatment room, or in the hospital.

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What are the benefits of an ascitic tap?

An ascitic tap allows fluid in the abdomen to be removed if it is infected, causing pain or if it requires laboratory analysis to diagnose a disease. An ascitic tap is quicker, easier and safer than other methods that can be used to remove fluid from the abdomen. It also leaves a smaller scar and allows for quicker recovery afterwards.Occasionally, if the fluid is too deep to reach through the skin or if there are too many separate pockets of fluid, it may be decided an ascitic tap should not be used. This can only be determined at the time of the procedure, when the doctor uses ultrasound images to locate the fluid and is able to assess the best method to use for drainage